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The Beatles walk!

The perfect wedding walk moment!

a child's perspective

a child’s perspective

Rolls Royce Reflections

Rolls Royce Reflections

I am thrilled to share a few of my favorite shots from Viola and Wichert’s wedding day. As thrilled as I was to be able to shoot a wedding just the way I most love to take photographs; with available light only, completely journalistic [no posing whatsoever] and in black and white. I just love the wedding walk, I saw this shot coming into being and had to make a dash for it to be in the right position and remain unseen, sneaky paparazzi! It reminds me of the famous Beatles shot, I couldn’t have set the scene more perfectly if I had tried.  The icing on the cake was that it was a relaxed wedding day filled with deep love, emotion and true affection. What a joy.  Congratulations Viola and Wichert for tying the knot.

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