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Trailer Trash Beauties part Two

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35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge

Working on the pictures I couldn’t help but want to post a few more… there were some great portrait poses!
Here some of my favorites.  Even though it got cold and late, you ladies did a fabulous job Sandra & Babs!!
“Stoere chickies!”.

Trailer Trash Beauties!

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35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge

The summer holidays are officially over, sigh!
I hope that all your summers have been as good as ours.

Of course I was out and about doing countless shoots and can’t wait to share some new work with you.  Beginning with this fun and interesting shoot with my nieces Babs and Sandra.  It was a blast being out on the NDSM shipyard grounds, the beauty of the industrial however could hardly compete with the beauty of my nieces!
It got dark just a little too quickly for my liking, luckily we were prepared with some on location lighting.
Thanks to Babs and Sandra for being such tigers. And many thanks to Melanie Foëh for the great make-up, help with styling and assisting.  We made a great team!

Wedding Walks

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The Beatles walk!

The perfect wedding walk moment!

a child's perspective

a child’s perspective

Rolls Royce Reflections

Rolls Royce Reflections

I am thrilled to share a few of my favorite shots from Viola and Wichert’s wedding day. As thrilled as I was to be able to shoot a wedding just the way I most love to take photographs; with available light only, completely journalistic [no posing whatsoever] and in black and white. I just love the wedding walk, I saw this shot coming into being and had to make a dash for it to be in the right position and remain unseen, sneaky paparazzi! It reminds me of the famous Beatles shot, I couldn’t have set the scene more perfectly if I had tried.  The icing on the cake was that it was a relaxed wedding day filled with deep love, emotion and true affection. What a joy.  Congratulations Viola and Wichert for tying the knot.