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Patricia Ramaer is an internationally known artist, whose work has been featured in Elle Magazine, Identity Matters, ReclameWeek, Fonk, Zij aan Zij, Instituut voor de Tropen, Vakblad, Paravisie, Photography Academy and several other trade publications.

Lately Patricia has been in high demand for her portrait work, by famous people that include Jildou van der Bijl (editor in chief of LINDA Magazine), Robert Vuisje, Mabel van den Dungen, Hugo Camps (authors), Jamie Catto (founder/member of band Faithless / award winning movie maker), Mathilde Santing, Dede Priest, Yvonne Lawalata (singers/actors), Teun Anders (artist) and Michiel Mol, Nicolette Hulsebos, Jan van Betten and many more (business executives).

To explore ways she may enhance your life’s legacy, contact her at   |   +31 – 233 020 072

B.des – Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC. Canada  and Photography Academy Amsterdam.  Masterclass with Jeff Ascough.  | 

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