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Divine farewell

image of the week [8]

Obdam Catholic Church (by Onno van Middelkoop)

The last farewell always is very emotional. In this ritual the pastor is blessing the departed with incense. While the ceremony is in progress, the sun blasts through the stained glass windows of the church, creating this ethereal atmosphere. This moment will always be remembered as a divine experience by those present, it certainly will be for me. It was an honour to capture this as a photographer.

Back to basics

image of the week [7] 

Brenda posing (by Patricia Ramaer)

I am addicted!  Taking the “Back to Basics” course, I have learned how to take pictures with an old wooden camera and glass plate negatives. I LOVE IT!  This is the retro look I have always wanted to achieve, and here it is.  I have already ordered my ancient camera and will be offering glass plate portraits as soon as I get it. I also plan to set up my own artistic projects using this technique, so you can expect more from me this year.  I am so excited.  I have always been complaining and whining that I miss the darkroom, well guess what, I will be back in it again soon, yaay!

Jeannet with rose

Jan with smoke

A sister’s cry

image of the week [6] 
Anne & Emma having a moment (by Patricia Ramaer)

Anne & Emma having a moment (by Patricia Ramaer)

During a family photo shoot in the studio Anne Isabelle really, really, wasn’t in the mood to be in front of my lens… Yep …it happens!  We decided on trying a change of scenery and moved outdoors. More tears, oh dear… her sister Emma Elise did her best to pacify her, but after almost two hours of her sister crying, well, the body language says it all.  Despite the tears we got some amazing pictures.

I have decided that my all time favorites are really the photographs that are taken between the poses. ‘The between moments’ seem to be where the magic happens.  As below, where upside down the smiles begin to appear in abundance!

I'll smile if my sister is upside-down!  [by Patricia]

The last shots of the day, upside-down! (by Patricia)

Jamie Catto braves Amsterdam

image of the week [5]

Jamie & Raisa portrait on the Herengracht (by Patricia)

A whirlwind week – or more accurately – a snowstormy and icy week with Jamie Catto in Amsterdam! Jamie:  musician, x-band member of ‘Faithless’ and filmmaker of the grammy nominated ‘1 Giant Leap’ films was here to inspire others to awaken their inner genius and to help those who desire it, to actively work on their dreams & projects. It was a pleasure to organize for him and also to show him and his partner Raisa around the frozen Amsterdam canals, here just a few portraits of our sunny and toe-freezing experience.

Tangible love

Frozen Canal (by Patricia)

With low afternoon light it was easy to catch this very graphic view of the shadow side of the bridge and the skaters in the sunlight floating by behind the bridge. It only freezes about once every ten years or more, so it was exciting to feel the vibe of so many Dutch people having fun! I could have taken photo’s all day…

Everyone enjoying the frozen fun

In the flow!

image of the week [4]

Portrait of Rhodes by Patricia

Congratulations to Rhodes for the release of her first album ‘Flow’! It is so exciting to see in amongst all the other CD’s on iTunes.  We wish you great success. Portrait taken in studio with lights. Photoshop and album design by Douwe Boschma.

In the kitchen

image of the week [3]

behind the scenes (by Patricia)

One of my favorite things to photograph is people behind the scenes at an event like a wedding.  There is always magic in the air.  The last minute preparations, the emotions and interactions are heaven for the photographer.  Here I used a wide angle lens and available light, to capture the last minute sewing and the pensive figure in the foreground at the same time. And the trick to this is being the unnoticed photographer!

Backstage Beauties

image of the week [2]

backstage at fashion show by Onno

December 2011  in Amsterdam’s Gallery Storm, a Fashion show for two brands; Empress bikini’s and April in Amsterdam with their leather bags. These photographs were taken backstage, where the models were being prepped for the show. Sharon Pieksma (above) was recently titled ‘Miss PC Hooftstraat’, named after the well known shopping area in Amsterdam for the rich and famous.  Certainly a title to be proud of. Enjoy it Sharon!  You deserve it, we hope to work with you again sometime in the near future.

Starting the new year with a bang

image of the week [1]

Magazine cover photography Patricia Ramaer

What a wonderful way to begin the new year, with the honor of shooting Jildou van der Bijl,  head editor of ‘Linda Magazine’ one of the top Dutch editorials.   Jildou was voted business woman / professional of the year 2011, also quoted as ‘hero’ of the year!  The shoot took place at the ‘Linda’ headquarters in Naarden Vesting. The photographs were taken with a combination of natural light and flashlight, with a portable backdrop.  The second photograph below was chosen for the editorial spread in ‘FONK Magazine’, a happy moment, need we say more!

Jildou editoral spread

Mother & daughter

image of the week [35]

Mother's kiss (by Patricia)

This week I would like to introduce you to Elena.  I did promise to share with you all… so here you go: THIS is who popped into the world out of the Vermeer girl!  And what a beautiful wise baby girl she is.  Just like her mother, she quickly adapted to the camera and showed her natural talent in front of the lens.  With all the (North) American women mulling around in her life,  I hear she is already blessed with plenty of ‘aunties’ here in Holland, and, I am happy and proud to be part of that clan!  I look forward to seeing more of you and watching you grow, welcome into the world Elena. 

Green at heart

image of the week [33]

Mabel shows her green side (by Patricia Ramaer)

Now let me take  you back a little while to a moment this May. Can you believe the weather was warmer and certainly less wet back then than it is now in the core of summer!  Anyway, this was a very cozy moment in the beautiful old town of Muiden with Mabel and our friend Nicolette (backstage).  Mabel van den Dungen is best know in the Netherlands as journalist, tv presenter and writer. This shot was actually taken for a magazine article that never materialized, so I thought I would share it in this way. Mabel is on a very Dutch ‘bakfiets’  I think that that might be translated as a ‘cargo bicycle’?!  Which she also uses in real life, being the very spiritual being that she is, that cares about our planet. Thank you Mabel!