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Another day… another show!

image of the week 
with the mayor

during the opening with Niek Meijer, the mayor of Zandvoort

In the quaint ‘Zandvoorts Museum’  we have a group exhibit by photographers, and the theme is… Zandvoort!  Our very own quaint beachside village!

exhibit anne frank

Along side our work, there is a very unique exhibit of photographs of Anne Frank and her family during their pre-war visits to the beach. Very touching to see.  Zandvoorts Museum, Swaluëstraat 1, Zandvoort.  Running until June 8th.  Open Wednesday to Sunday 13:00 – 17:00.  Anne Frank is running until the end of 2014.


‘Adam’ wild horse in the dunes by Patricia Ramaer


image(s) of the week 

35mm Grunge Photo Edge

What an honor to be able to exhibit in the AmstelArt Gallery!

It’s always nice to see an overview of one’s own ‘hard labour’, the latest works, all in one space! Heemsteedse Kunstbeurs (ArtFair) did an amazing job organizing, that was obvious from the hundreds of guests that dropped by. Beautiful weather and interesting visitors… Grateful to get positive feedback from so many art lovers.

35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge 35mm Grunge Photo Edge

Exhibit Foot Stories

3 meters of ladies feet!

Foot stories is out in public again!

At “Sheila’s Café” in Zandvoort [Gasthuisplein 9] NL.

About the foot stories project: During the summer of 2010 Patricia became obsessed with women’s feet. Wherever there were bare feet or feet in sandals the ladies were unsafe! They were asked to pose on the spot. Many of the feet are of the inhabitants of Zandvoort and its visitors.  And so ‘Foot Stories’ was born. As forerunner Patricia wanted to prove that you can make art with a mobile phone, meanwhile just this year iPhonograpy and ‘Hipstamatic’ photographs have become a huge rage.

Over het voetenproject: Tijdens de zomer van 2010 is Patricia  obsessief met dames voeten bezig geweest. Overal waar ze voeten tegen kwam, bloot of in sandalen waren de dames onveilig! Ze werden gevraagd ter plekke te poseren. Veel voeten zijn van Zandvoorters en haar bezoekers. ‘Voeten verhalen’ werd geboren. Als voorloper wilde Patricia bewijzen dat ze met een telefoon kunst kan maken, iPhonograpy en ‘Hipstamatic’ foto’s zijn ondertussen dit jaar een ware rage geworden.